wire spring system

wire spring system

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Wire Spring is a simple and timeless clothes rail for any given locality. It impresses with its optical lightness and high stability which is achieved by the smart design:

The wooden rod is pushed through the open spring turn—subsequently the open triangle is pressed together and fixed with a screw to the wall such that the spring is tensioned and the wooden rod is fixed in position.

Due their triangle form, the brackets optimally absorb the force and can carry high weight (up to 15kg per 100cm)

The clothes rail includes 2 or 3 wall brackets (depending on length) made out of powder coated steel wire and a wooden rod from oak in different lengths with rounded ends as well as screws and dowels for mounting.

Wire Spring clothes rail with 60cm, 80 cm and 100cm length are supplied with 2 wall brackets.

Wire Spring clothes rail with 120cm, 140cm, 160cm and 180cm length are supplied with 3 wall brackets.

For any other customized length, rods in other wood and any questions please contact us

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steel wire brackets in white or copper

rod in oak wood
(for other wood or coated versions please write us)


height: 30 cm
depth: 25 cm
length: 60 cm / 80 cm / 100 cm / 120 cm / 140 cm / 160 cm / 180 cm

load per meter: 10 kg

Maximilian Schmahl

We will ship every order within 2 weeks

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